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Outflows or opportunity?

Ian is joined this week by Josh Kay, and the duo kick-off the episode discussing the Bank of Canada. With a 75 bps hike all but set in stone, the question is what should their next move be and should this matter given what is currently priced? Ian discusses his view on the ‘noncession/recession’ which will be challenging to trade, while Josh provides his view on what the move in rates means for credit markets. Josh discusses why credit outflows create opportunity for structural credit investors, and provides his view on sector trends in CAD IG. Ian finishes the show by given his outlook for rates and the curve.
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THE WEEK AHEAD: Just one side of the story?

This week saw Fed Chair Jerome Powell admit to some of the mistakes his Bank, and others, made during the pandemic. Yet while the speedy recovery in demand caught many off guard, he appeared to pin much of the blame still on supply issues. Policymakers are now working to “get smarter” on forecasting the supply side of the economy, because previously “much too much” emphasis had been placed on managing demand.
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