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Under the table & dreaming

The extreme volatility this week warrants some serious discussion, and Ian is joined by Craig Bell for this episode. The duo begin discussing the rapid series of events that culminated in one of the most volatile days for interest rates since the 1980s. Craig provides his view on what this all means for monetary policy, while Ian introduces two potential shoes left to drop that suggest the coast is not entirely clear yet. The co-hosts spend some time discussing how Canadian interest rate derivatives are handing the benchmark transition towards CORRA, and finish the episode discussing their favorite trades in the weeks ahead.
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The FX Files – Into the Thick of Things…

In the US: a.) ICYMI – the WSJ reports that the US Energy dept has revised its assessment and now sees a lab leak as the most likely origin of the Covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, NSA Sullivan says that China still hasn’t taken a final decision on providing Russia with aid. b.) Yellen says that she expects to see a readjustment of lower housing rentals to further drive inflation lower this year.
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The Week Ahead: Unintended consequences require amending foreign home-buyer ban

The good and the bad of the “Prohibition on the Purchase of Residential Property by Non-Canadians Act”. Here is why we think policymakers should take another look at the Act in a way that is consistent with what it was intended to achieve — focusing only on single units being purchased by foreigners while exempting development of new supply from the impact of the new legislation.
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