As the leading trading partner in Canada, CIBC Capital Markets provides the advanced technological capabilities you need to get ahead in an increasingly complex trading environment.

What happens when high tech meets high touch? Intelligent trading.

Best execution means more than creating efficiencies. It means delivering strategic guidance and flexible solutions that help our clients achieve their unique objectives amid an increasingly complex trading environment. And it all starts with human expertise.

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No matter how you trade, at CIBC Capital Markets, you benefit from our ongoing investments in people and technology across our integrated equities franchise:

  • Block trading
  • Electronic trading
  • Portfolio trading
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Equity derivatives

Trusted guidance from a market leader

As markets become more complex, there is no single solution or technology that will deliver best execution in all scenarios. Bringing together decades of electronic trading experience, unique insights from skilled traders and superior technology, we take an agile approach, providing as much or as little intermediation in your trading process to achieve improved execution.

We know your market, and we know Canada

Given the size, scale and breadth of our equity trading franchise, we offer a unique perspective on the Canadian equities marketplace. Our high-touch trading desk provides ready access to sector specialists who can provide the market-differentiating insight you need to make decisions with conviction– from sourcing liquidity to capital provision, index analysis and more.

Unique liquidity pool

All market segments trade through CIBC Capital Markets, contributing to our deep pool of Canadian liquidity.

  • 1 IN 4
    A quarter of trades in Canada are executed by CIBC
  • -35%
    CIBC has 35% equities clearing market share in Canada

What makes our electronic platform Different?

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If you are not trading with CIBC Capital Markets, you are missing an opportunity to experience true best execution.

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