The Raitt Stuff Episode 34
23 min

The Viability of Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage: An International Perspective

Ruth Herbert, Chief Executive Officer, Carbon Capture and Storage Association UK, talks to the Hon. Lisa Raitt about the viability of carbon capture and utilization storage technology, the policy challenges facing the UK industry and why she thinks we must embrace this technology if we are to meet international net-zero targets.

Lisa RaittRuth Herbert
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Lisa Raitt, Ruth Herbert

The Raitt Stuff Episode 32
16 min

The opportunities for Canada’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry

Shannon Joseph, Chair of Energy for a Secure Future, joins The Hon. Lisa Raitt to discuss the economic, environmental and reconciliation case for LNG in Canada. Shannon shares the conclusions of Energy for a Secure Future’s recent paper on LNG and the competitive advantage for Canada in developing our LNG capacity.

Lisa RaittShannon Joseph
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Lisa Raitt, Shannon Joseph