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ACORE Finance Forum

Hydrogen, battery storage, renewable natural gas, and offshore wind have been boosted by new financing structures, tax credits and other incentives. CIBC Capital Markets’ Luisa Fuentes, Managing Director & Head of Energy Transition and Sustainable Finance, US Corporate Banking, along with other subject matter experts, will discuss the financing approaches and the project economics for these technologies at ACORE’s Finance Forum on Thursday, June 8, 2023, in New York.
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100 Women in Finance - Break the Mould: Meet Top Achievers

CIBC is proud to be a global corporate sponsor of 100 Women In Finance and to have hosted the Break the Mould: Meet Top Achievers event in Luxembourg. Thanks to Amanda Pullinger, CEO, 100 Women in Finance, Léa Linster, Luxembourgish Celebrity Chef, Rajaa Mekouar, Founder & Managing Partner, Calista Direct Investors S.A., and Varvara Tseliou, Chief of Finance Division, NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) for an engaging panel discussion.
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CDOR Transition Webcast Series | Creating an IOSCO compliant Term CORRA rate

Check out Montréal Exchange’s CDOR Transition Webcast Series featuring CIBC Capital Markets’ Jacqueline Green, Managing Director & Head of Financial Markets, Corporate Banking, Allan Levitt, Managing Director, Global Markets, and John Lunt, Senior Quantitative Analyst, Global Markets, along with other industry experts for perspectives on the need for a Term CORRA rate during the CDOR to CORRA transition.
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