FX Factor Episode 19
27 min

The quids aren’t alright – how the UK budget led to a collapse in the pound

Bipan is joined by UK-based FX Strategist Jeremy Stretch to discuss the UK budget, the gilts market and why the GBP collapsed over the past few days. Also, what can we expect from the Bank of England/UK Treasury going forward. Please note that this was recorded before the BoE announcement to buy long-end gilts on September 28.

Bipan RaiJeremy Stretch
Featured in this episode:

Bipan Rai, Jeremy Stretch

FX Factor Episode 16
15 min

The trouble with curves and soft landings

Bipan and Ian Pollick, Global Head of FICC Strategy, talk rates – including why yield curves are inverting and whether this is a reliable signal for assets in general. Also covered are expectations for the Bank of Canada and the Federal Reserve and what this means for FX markets going forward. Ian also goes over why we shouldn’t expect a ‘soft landing’ at the end of this cycle.

Bipan RaiIan PollickJeremy Stretch
Featured in this episode:

Bipan Rai, Ian Pollick, Jeremy Stretch