The Sustainability Agenda Episode 44
19 min

An introduction – Nature is the new climate

The economy and societal well-being are highly dependent on nature, but, nature is being lost at an unprecedented rate. In anticipation of COP15, join Dr. Gemma Cranston and Dominique Barker for the first episode of our multi-part natural capital series, as they discuss this emerging topic concerning businesses and financial institutions.

Dominique BarkerDr. Gemma Cranston
Featured in this episode:

Dominique Barker, Dr. Gemma Cranston

The Sustainability Agenda Episode 43
12 min

Sustainability software for SMEs accelerates climate action

Annalee Bloomfield of Sustain.Life joins Dominique Barker to discuss sustainability software that supports businesses in managing their climate impact; and the challenges and opportunities for small to medium-sized enterprises to integrate sustainability, and measure and report on their carbon emissions.

Dominique BarkerAnnalee Bloomfield
Featured in this episode:

Dominique Barker, Annalee Bloomfield

The Sustainability Agenda Episode 40
14 min

Canada’s National Adaptation Strategy

Craig Stewart from the Insurance Bureau of Canada, and Dr. Blair Feltmate from the Intact Center on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo, join Dominique Barker, and special co-host, Natalia Moudrak from Aon, to discuss Canada’s National Adaptation Strategy (“NAS”), its impacts on the Canadian economy and society, and its global relevance as we head into COP27.

Dominique BarkerCraig StewartBlair FeltmateNatalia Moudrak
Featured in this episode:

Dominique Barker, Craig Stewart, Blair Feltmate, Natalia Moudrak