Electronic Access

Our advanced electronic trading solutions provide end-to-end capabilities to efficiently support your trading activities across equities and foreign exchange.

Best execution is just the beginning

As the leading trading partner for Canadian equities, we are redefining best execution with every trade we make.
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Best-in-breed technology

From bespoke algorithms and SOR logic to low latency market access and more, our fully customizable trading platform is designed to support the most sophisticated trading needs.

High performance algorithms

Our intelligent algorithmic trading strategies are designed to help you optimize execution performance. Our participation or liquidity-driven strategies are driven by quantitative signals with urgency settings to configure the strategy around your unique trading objectives. Strategies react in real-time by speeding up or slowing down based on trade frequency, market impact and other liquidity indicators.

Our algos are fully customizable to optimize trading and to meet your specific objectives, with real-time monitoring reflecting behaviour as it happens.

Smart order routing (SOR)

Get best micro-level execution with our newest SOR. Our state-of-the-art capabilities combine order placement, execution strategy and quantitative analytics, with direct connections to all major sources of hidden and displayed liquidity (Canada, US).

Benefit from advanced liquidity-seeking tactics that adapt to a variety of real-time factors as you intelligently access markets to maximize fill rates while minimizing information leakage.

At CIBC Capital Markets, our execution platform is designed to do more:

  • Understand routing strategy and how it can affect marketability

  • Consider queue dynamics and venue-specific trading patterns to allocate marketable and unmarketable orders

  • Adapt to a variety of real-time factors including order attributes, market conditions and venue-specific trading patterns

  • Understand depth of book at each venue and where the stock is likely to trade

  • Weigh the trade-offs between venue cost and spread capture

  • Consider and implement the appropriate order types for improved execution

Low latency trading

Benefit from Canadian-leading, FPGA-based ultra-low latency market access through our fast-filters, risk-managed framework. Trade through our high-speed trading technology, complete with co-location services and enhanced queue management leveraging broker priority benefits. What’s more, our advanced risk controls provide a range of customizable gating solutions to safeguard your order flow.


Institutional Equity Research

Identify investment opportunities across the market capitalization spectrum.
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