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The Week Ahead: A risk to the loonie, but not THAT one

We’re getting a lot of questions about the risk of a plunge in the loonie if the Bank of Canada outguns the Fed on rate cuts this year. We see a couple of cents of weakening ahead, but not a sustained devaluation, because of a counterforce that could support the Canadian dollar against the greenback in 2025. But we’re watching another development, across the pond in Europe, that could leave the Canadian dollar more exposed.
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16th Annual CIBC Stampede Energy Forum

The forum brings together leading Canadian Upstream Energy Producer, Integrated, Energy Infrastructure, and Power & Utilities companies.
Jul 08-09, 2024
8:00 am
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

CIBC Electrification Summit

CIBC's Electrification Summit will bring together experts in energy systems, companies seeking to decarbonize their operations, energy infrastructure investors, lenders and policy makers to explore the progress of electrification in Europe and North America, and the opportunities and challenges to transition significant portions of the economy to clean electricity.
Jun 11, 2024
8:00 am
Toronto, Canada
Podcast Series
The Sustainability Agenda

Mining the heat: How closed loop geothermal is powering the next generation of clean energy

John Redfern of Eavor Technologies joins Tom Heintzman, Managing Director & Vice Chair, Energy Transition and Sustainability, to discuss how a geothermal technology-based energy company is creating a scalable form of clean, baseload, or dispatchable energy for heating, cooling and electrical power, and the challenges and opportunities for the geothermal industry.