Fixed Income, Currency & Commodity (FICC) Strategy

Our strategists provide topical research focused on fundamentals, valuation and trade ideas across foreign exchange, interest rates and commodities.

A range of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports helps keep you informed on:

  • FX: Underlying themes, issues and trends affecting Asian, Latin American and G10 currencies

  • Rates: Fundamental, technical and quantitative analysis on both domestic and global rates in support of various executable trade ideas

  • Growth Markets (LATAM): Factors impacting the sovereign credit and currencies of selected Latin American countries

  • Canadian credit: Corporate fundamentals, credit ratings, and supply/demand dynamics related to Canadian investment grade corporate bonds

Coverage includes:

  • Comprehensive asset-specific research, insights, commentary and trade ideas

  • Global positioning strategies

  • Cross-asset observations

  • Podcasts and conference calls

  • One-on-one client meetings

  • Corporate conferences, events and industry speaking engagements

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